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Beginners follow this to the letter and youll have few to no issues


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Apr 25, 2020
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Here is my 4th gro almost there these pics are end of week 6. The tent was week six of veg. All organic spent about 40 on nutes and another 50 on castings. I use all kinds of shit in my teas I feed them. Bee Pollen, alfalfa meal, seaweed bliss, banana teas and use either chicken manure or jobes organic for flowers and blooms as my main ingredient with castings. I also add molasses and different honeys to my teas. I also topdress week before I flip with two tbsps of bonemeal. Week 3 and 5 I add one tbsp of happy frog via topdress again. Week 3 and 6 one tsp of lagenbrite spelling not sure for k. Seems to be working quite well and have had tons of compliments. 9


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