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Sep 3, 2021
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While a product tended to by hand can add romanticism to an experience, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is a practical method. One useful tool that you can find as a grower will eliminate hours upon hours of hard work: the bud trimmer. Instead of carefully cut by hand to get each individual bud, the bud trimmer does it for you, giving you more time to attend to other things during harvest.
ECO Farm 16/19 Inch Manual Leaf Bowl Trimmer Machine

For the most part, bud trimmers can be a bit of an expensive affair. ECO Farm is all about helping the small-scale grower, though, and this bud trimmer is a wonderful example of that.
When we think of bud trimmers, we normally think of bigger machines running on electricity, but this bud trimmer is only 16” in diameter and runs on a hand crank. Depending on how much product you are cutting, this instrument can have your crop trimmed up in as little as 10 hand cranks. The top is clear so you can see the work being done.
This machine serves mainly as a pinching mechanism. The “grill” will catch the stems and leaves that are on your buds, while the blade below them cuts them off. This product comes with two blades: a straight blade for wet trims and a serrated blade for dry trims. The blades come pre-sharpened and are definitely very sharp! This will minimize any damage that could be done to your buds in the cutting process.
This is an easy-to-clean bud trimmer, and we do recommend cleaning in between cuts.

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