Best Deer Deterrent


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May 26, 2005
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From the fertile mind of Ganja Guru:
I'm kicking myself for not thinking of this before.
Buy a roll of 48" high chicken wire. Cut 6' lengths, and make a "roll", a single layer about 3' across, so that layed on it's side it looks like a tunnel and secure in that tube shape with some hemp twine.
With me so far?
Then encircle your grow area with these on their side. Spay paint brown beforehand so they blend in with the ground and don't shine.
Secure them to the ground with tent pegs.
That's all there is too it folks.
If a deer steps on the roll of chicken wire, it will compress way down and the deer won't like it.
And this will work to keep out rabbit's and anything heavier than a rat. Well, rabbit's may try to burrow under it but it will stil deter them.
You can herbivore-proof your garden for under 10 bux.
I'm smart huh?

Y'all owe me a dollar.