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Can it get any worst

Grim Reefer

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Jan 20, 2005
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Well I finally found a job. All went well doing the interview and the pay seems to be OK. Everything was went fine (pass the drug test not a problem). Sat down with the manager to sign all the papers and at the end of the signing there was one more paper I needed to sign. Go figure a release form for random drug testing (**). And then he handed me a drug testing form and informs me that I can be called at will and must show up in two hour from the inital call (**). After reading through the policies, it focus more on marijuana than any other drugs out there. However, it make it very clear it is ok to drink as much as I like. Of course this is a Christian own company. The thing I can't understand is why Christians have some much against weed (when god put it here on this earth), but man made alcohole. My question is who do they really trust (man or god)?


P.S. I am looking for a new job, I do not like feeling of being owned. I am not somebody property.


Test Monkey (Moderator)
Mar 30, 2006
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Yeah, that sucks dude. I have been there so many times. The only thng that makes me feel good about it is the fact that I have beaten every "random" drug test with proper planning and by using the bottles of synthetic urine that warm up in about 45 mins.


This is completely insane:

The total number of marijuana arrests in the U.S. for 2005 far exceeded the total number of arrests in the U.S. for all violent crimes combined, including murder, manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault.

The full article can be found at http://www.norml. org/index. cfm?Group_ ID=7040.

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