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Nov 4, 2021
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Virginia Beach
well 189 is one way around it 😊
It always reminds me of going to the paint shop at Christmas time who had an abundance of grain alcohol for special cleaning. We would make a big tub of purple Jesus and all go home wasted.

Jan Borrego

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Aug 29, 2023
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Chaparral, New Mexico
I’ve been making cannabis tincture three batches now for my son in law who is going thru some pretty harsh medical issues. I’ve been using the frozen method with grain alcohol and whole buds not trim which has been working well for him. It actually works for me and no other edible does. one batch usually makes a dozen bottles which he goes thru pretty fast. Recently my daughter gave me this magical butter machine which also makes tincture using heat which I read was a bit better getting the THC out. They were gifted the machine to make butter and tincture but she failed miserably her first try and to tell you the truth she knows nothing about herb only that we all love it and she doesn’t. I agreed to try the newfangled machine on the next batch. I decarbed the weed today and it’s chilling in the freezer till I make the first run tomorrow. I watched a YouTube of someone making it and already don’t like the filtering process as it leaves to much plant matter in the final product. This is something that has always been a problem for me as I’ve been looking for a better way to filter. My best way yet is to wet a coffee filter down with grain alcohol so that it’s wet, then tie it to a jar with rubberband leaving a bowl of filter down into the jar as large a possible then pour the tincture thru it. It takes forever but I get a more clear product with less plant matter and taste. Looking for the perfect filter for this now. I’ll admit that the last time I went in to my kidney doc while in the bathroom leaving a sample, I swiped a couple of those beautiful cone filters that you pee thru to catch a kidney stone. Yes I did…use them on my next batch but still Re filtered it via coffee filters. I have another pee in the cup appointment on Friday will check the stock again as it made a great first filter. 😂
so anyone got any filter ideas for this tincture gig?
Have you tried a nut milk bag the mesh is really really fine.

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