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Changing mediums.


Feb 13, 2006
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I was wondering what all was involved in switching from a soil medium to a soiless medium like orchird rock pellets or whatever. What are the orchid rocks called by the way? My babie's are in 16oz. cups still and I have been using a 1/2 strength solution of grow big on them. When and If I switch the grow medium would the fertilizer strength need to be adjusted? I would be using an ebb n flow system for watering. What I am basically saying is can I take the babie's out of their 16oz. cups now and hook them up to my ebb n flow system with the orchird rocks continuing with the 1/2 nutrient strength. Is there a problem with switching from soil to orchird rocks? I know people do it all the time with rockwool. And since my ebb n flow system would be filling up 3 times a day to water could that drastic change of the watering schedule mess stuff up seing as how i only water now once every 2 days in the 16oz. cups. They are still in veg growth and will be for another 4 or 5 more weeks. Thank you.

p.s. They are in general purpose potting soil now with the 16 oz. cups.

Thanks again and happy growing.



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Feb 28, 2006
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Yes you can transplant a plant from soil to a soilless medium, but you MUST remove all of the soil from the roots before you do so. This may sound easy but trying to do this while not harming the delicate roots is near impossible. While harming the roots will not kill the plants it will stunt the growth for a while.
If it is at all possible, it would be a better idea to continue growing these in soil and using these as mother plants. When those are mature and sexed, you could then take clones and put those directly into your ebb and flow system.

Iy you are intent on the transplants from soil to hydro, i would suggest you to get some vitiman B1 or superthrive, as this helps easy stress in your plant, and it will be stressed. So expect basically no new growth for a little bit.

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