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Sep 1, 2021
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Alicante, Spain
If Christmas is doing a little something extra for somebody, then we’re doing it right! For this year’s Christmas season, Herbies is offering up to 50% off our dankest strains and up to 3 extra seeds, for orders larger than 80 EUR - all that in addition to the regular Herbies freebies! These miraculous deals will last for a whole week from 00:00 December 21st to 00:00 December 28th (PST).

The list of strains that go on discount this Christmas is huge and just a little short of a whole hundred genetics. We’ve hand-selected these varieties to suit growers of all experience levels, while delivering punchy flavors and consistently high THC levels reaching 29%.

That’s not it, during the same week, big orders over 80 EUR get up to 3 extra free seeds of some of our favorite genetics!

And as always, the rest of Herbies’ deals and bonuses don’t go anywhere! Use this chance to fill your seeds collection to the brim: browse our Christmas Sale collection, get seeds in your cart, up your total to at least 80 EUR, and that will grant you at least 5 free top-notch seeds for a whole new garden of home-grown cannabis! If you’re a part of a big operation, or simply want to stock up for later, that’s a deal you can’t miss out on.


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