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Jun 8, 2006
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Heres my situation: I have 2 bagseed plants that I never expected to sprout, but they did, and are very healthy. (pics are not working now)
I want to make 2 clones from my plants,
I know this is early but:
1)I want to know how big the plant has too be before I can cut off the part I use for Cloning?
2) Once I cut and get the part I use ready, can I simply put it in a cup on the window sill and wait, or soil? Or do I have to follow the more complicated process.
3) If I do have to follow the method from this site
Do I need a grow light or something, because this is a outdoor operation?

Thanks in advance!


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Mar 30, 2006
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As far as size goes you won't need too much before you can take them if you are only looking for 2 of them, let them get big enough that you aren't going to stress the plant by taking them and avoid losing good bud sites if you plan on switching them over soon, if you have some veg time left for them to catch up, no prob.
I have heard of people having fine results just putting them in water in the window but I haven't done it and always use rapid rooters (or similar) and flouro.
Do you know if they are female yet? That could be another consideration. I would try to take more than 2 for some back-up babies also.

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