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Jan 5, 2007
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I've heard that a plant needs a half gallon per foot of growth. Is this correct? Also, I would like to know more about sea of green growing. How long after the seed sprouts through the growing medium should you keep it in vegetative growth before you change the lighting cycle to 12-12?


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Dec 28, 2006
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Thats what I heard also and I tend to believe it to be true. Reason being I go to a SOG from clones and my plants get about 5 feet with no vegetation whatsoever. I grow them in a 3 gallon pot. Hence 3 gallon pot 5-6 foot plant.

Now SOG.
I do my SOG from clone and not seed. If I was to do them from seed I would wait till alternating nodes then put them into 12/12.

From clone I cut a larger clone than normal,something about 8 inches long, and start to root this. For me this useually take 4 days to see roots. From there they go into a 3 gallon pot with Fox Farms Ocean Forrest and right into flower. Within 2 weeks the root system has established and new growth has been seen for about a week now. This is about the time flowers start. In aprrox 8 weeks they are ready for harvest.

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