Coronavirus Pandemic Boosts Marijuana Sales While Many Businesses Struggle


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Sep 19, 2009
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Coronavirus Pandemic Boosts Marijuana Sales While Many Businesses Struggle

Legal marijuana sales in five states jumped this week and some cities have designated dispensaries as ‘essential businesses.’

By Claire Hansen, Staff Writer March 20, 2020
Americans facing the prospect of staying home for weeks amid the coronavirus pandemic are stocking up on essentials like paper products, dry goods – and, for some, marijuana.

Legal marijuana sales are surging in several states even as other small businesses struggle to stay open.

Sales in Colorado, Oregon, California, Washington state and Nevada spiked this week, with the size of the average order also up, according to data by cannabis analytics company Headset. Plus, several cities around the country have dubbed dispensaries "essential businesses" during coronavirus-related business shutdowns, meaning the storefronts can stay open.

Sales in California jumped 56% on Monday compared to the previous four Mondays, according to Headset. Monday was one day before San Francisco officials issued a citywide shelter-in-place order in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus. City officials originally declined to designate dispensaries as essential but acquiesced after growing pressure, citing the medicinal uses of the drug. Los Angeles has also deemed cannabis storefronts "essential" because they "provide services that are recognized to be critical to the health" of the city. Late Thursday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a statewide shelter-in-place order, effectively shuttering nonessential businesses.

In Oregon, sales were 75% higher than average on Monday, with the price of the average single order up by more than $10. Sales in Washington jumped 33% on Sunday compared to a week earlier.

Dispensaries are also catering to customers who may be wary of heading out to storefronts. Online delivery marketplace Eaze said marijuana orders and deliveries were up 38% on Monday in California compared to the annual average, according to the Associated Press, and orders from first-time customers jumped 50%. Meanwhile, the Golden State has been allowing shops to apply for licenses to provide curbside pickups of orders.

In New York, where only medical marijuana sales are legal, health officials notified dispensaries Tuesday that they would be dubbed essential businesses and would be allowed to stay open in the event of a citywide shutdown.


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Oct 19, 2021
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In 2020, an estimated 275 million people worldwide were using drugs for non-medical purposes. During the coronavirus pandemic, drug use increased significantly. Although the impact of COVID-19 on drug problems is not yet fully understood, UN analysis shows that the pandemic has led to increased economic hardship, which is likely to make the illicit cultivation of illicit substances more attractive to vulnerable rural communities Florida Factoring Companies - Factor For You. The social consequences of the pandemic are increased inequality, poverty, and mental illness.
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