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May 25, 2005
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Ok, you have a nice guerilla grow that you faithfully tend.
What do you do to make yourself look like an innocent hiker?

-Wear a day/fanny pack (make sure you bring the 10 Essentials on ANY hike),
-Bring along a fishing pole, even if you don't intend to use it,
-Have a camera and/or binoc's around your neck, and maybe a guide to bird watching,
-Bring a hiking guide,
-Bring your dog.

With these disguises, even if you are caught standing next to one of your plants, you can't get busted for cultivation.
Because to get busted for cultivation, they have to catch you cultivating i.e. watering the plants. There's no law against accidently stumbling upon a pot plant as your out hiking, bird watching, etc.

Let me add:
Whatever ruse you choose, take a little time to familiarize yourself with that tactic.
For instance, if you have a fishing pole, know what fish are in season and in that area.
If you're up in the mountains and someone asks what you're fishing for, don't say "catfish".
If you use the birdwatcher ruse, spend at least 10 minutes reading up on the subject so if anyone asks you what birds you've seen/are looking for you'll be able to give a convincing answer.
If you use the hiker cover, know a little bit about the connecting trails and the general area.

If a Fish And Game dude sees your fishing gear and asks for a license, tell him you realized when you got there that you left your license at home so you don't intend to fish.


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May 25, 2005
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If you get busted by Fish & Game, here's how I beat the rap a few years ago (btw I might have posted this before, but I'm high you know how it is)

I'm lucky enough to live a 10 minute walk from one of the premier fishing rivers in the West--the Trinity River.
The river was chock full of hungry brookies and steelie's and 'bows. I'd been itching to fish, and opening day of the fishing season I went down to the only store for miles and miles where you could buy license's, but they were sold out.
Well I deceided to fish anyway. Where I fish from is very remote and I'd never seen a Fish And Game guy around.
So I get home and stick my backpack fishing gear in my daypack and grab a bucket (Ilike to keep the fish alive until just before I cook 'em) and head for the river.
I had good luck, and had bagged 3 nice trout--2 brookie's and a 'bow in just over an hour.
That was enough for dinner, so I break down my fishing gear and put it in my pack, grab the bucket and take a step and who drives up but a Fish And Game guy. He thinks he's a chippie--he's got mirrored sunglasses and he's packing heat.
Dude gets out of his truck and walks over. He looks in the bucket and see's the fish.
"You got a license?" he asks.
"No" I say.
"Do you know what the fine is for fishing without a license?"
"Oh" I say "I wasn't fishing."
"Say what?"
"No, these are my pet fish."
"See, I keep 'em in a big tank at home. They get homesick so every week or so I bring 'em down here, put 'em in the water and smoke a cigarette. When I'm done I whistle and they swim up and jump back in the bucket and I take 'em back home."
"Suuurre you do."
"No really. Here, I'll prove it to you" and I empty the fish into the river and light up a cigarette.
When I'm done I start to leave and he says "hey when are you going to whistle to call 'em back?"
"Call who back?"
"The fish!" he says.
"What fish?" I say and go home.

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