Critical Kali Mist - flower


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Nov 11, 2014
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My first grow, ended up with 3 females. One is topped and the other two are not. Using 1000w HPS with advanced nutrients bloom. 2 part. Here they are at about 3 weeks into flower. They had a rough two weeks without nutrients because we were waiting for them in the mail. One developed some severe yellowing so I trimmed her up pretty good. Colas are nice and fat but all in all a fairly petite plant. Had another thread but I figured i'd start one a little into flower and see if it picked up. Can't wait for my next grow, learned so much.

Next time i'm doing hydro and using feminized seeds to get better use outta my veg time as these ended up small because there were a lot of other plants in there this round. Will do four White widows. Will definitely be asking advice on hydro pretty soon, would like to be able to make 4 huge plants next go.

A little disappointed as I won't yield as much as I'd hoped. Also gave them a completely different room in the house. This one is on a higher level and the circulation in there is godly. Maybe

If anybody knows of any good advice on getting max yield of 4 plants in a 4x4 tent with 1000w lights give me your opinions on how to max the yield for my next grow. Love to hear your thoughts. Anyways, here are some picks of 3 weeks of flower to start us off.

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