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Oct 9, 2014
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In my current grow

I have a blackberry and some skunk growing. I also have a male Walter White in my mothers garden.

So I want to breed some seeds. I will cross the blackberry with the WW. Will see what comes out of a purple and white strain together.

I will also cross the skunk. Just for fun and to increase my seed bank.

- Clip a nice set of nuts from the male and seal it in a ziplock
- Far away from the plants I shake some pollen into another ziplock
- Add some rice. Helps keep the moisture down and is great for helping to shake the pollen around
- pick a nice healthy lower branch. Smaller bud but lots of white pistols.
- put the pollen only bag onto the branch VERY CAREFULLY.
- leave overnight
- carefully remove the bag and soak the branch in water to neutralize any pollen remaining and prevent other buds from accidentally being pollinated.

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