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Damn you cinnamon schnapps!!!!


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Apr 13, 2006
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So, I've been drinking this stuff called Fire Water. 100 proof cinnamon scnapps. And since I like my booze on ice, this shit is pure red.

So I've been drinking a little too much, and I got to thinking, why is the world so messed up. It's like, here I am, sitting in my room listening to Tom Petty, and it seems him and I have the only answers. This shit isn't that complicated.

You don't even have to drink or be high to know that. Just love one another man... shit. It's that easy.

All of our neighbors, be them right next door, or countires mile away, its all about respect. Respect one another's culture, respect their beliefs, and just enjoy life. Cause for all we know, it's all we got.

And another thing, why did the catholic church have to misrepresent God so much. You know it, and I know it. God isn't as murderous and crazy and the Bible makes him out to be. And if you smoke pot, you probably have some sort of belief in some higher power. Cause we all know you can't create something out of nothing, and be it the big bang, or evolution or whatever, the matter occupying the universe HAD to come from somewhere. This shit just didn't appear out of nowhere. Someone had to push it, and be it God or someone else, he has been misrepresented for thousands of years. How do I know this? Because I'm sitting here in my damn flat knowing without a doubt this isn't the way things should be.

We weren't meant to fight among one another like this, we're all brothers and sisters on this planet. We weren't mean to work 9-5 jobs just so survive. We aren't supposed to have to bury our children, they are supposed to bury us. This isn't nature. This isn't balance. Something has been messed up horrificaly in the past, and I'm sitting here worried to God that it's irreversable.

You know what life is supposed to be like? We wake up, help one another, get high, listen to music, go to bed, and repeat.

Seriously, when are the leaders of this world goingn to realize that we're all in this together? We don't even have a choice anymore!!! Our children, and our grandchildren are at stake. Life isn't supposed to be a daily grind.

So F you Constantine. F you Napoleon, and Hitler. F you Reagan, Bush, and Bush Jr. F you all who've sacraficed the good of the people for your own good.

DAMN. Time to smoke a bowl in the name of the creator. Who ever you may be. Because I apologize in the name of history, cause the world isn't supposed to be like this.



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Mar 11, 2006
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As I sit here unable to sleep contemplating my life (or lack there of)...up pops Immediasure. Being raised by my very Lutheran parents. My father also being a philosophy major and myself always one for a good debate. I know a little bit about this subject. I believe that evreyone has their own heaven and their own ****. I was raised to be a compassionate person, taught that not everyone is the same but we all deserve the same basic human rights. I was raised to help your neighbors and those less fortunate than yourself. Well I've learned the hard way that not everyone else was raised believing that someday what you've done on earth might just matter. The problem today is that no one is raising their children with any respect. Respect for other people is one of the most important things I feel I can teach my sons. If I laugh at the one legged man hopping along the freeway exit asking for change. What am I teaching my sons? If I'm rude to the poor person behind the counter at McDonald's then I'm teacing my son its ok to treat people disrespectfully. Even if I have to bite my tounge. If we all just respected the fact that no one wants to be treated badly and just treated everyone like we wanted to be treated, this world would be a better place. Its kind of a hard lesson to teach them to be polite when most everyone they deal with is not. I try to remember we all have a story going on at any given time so when someone "does me wrong" I try to let it go, brush it off (after I go ballistic of course, I am Italian). Ok I yawned....the summary of the story is treat your fellow man with plain ol common curtiousy. Smile when you pass someone on the street (it won't kill you). Hold open the door for a stranger. You know "pass it along" , practice random acts of kindness. Have I made my point. Be Freakin' nice and if you can't be , hold your tounge.

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