Deciding what to grow the 1st time.... decisions decisions decisions......

How Many Plants to grow in a 2x4x5' tent to get quality buds over quantity'x?

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Nov 26, 2021
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St Clair Shores, MI
Right or wrong , in doing my research, I opted for auto fem seeds to start. Starting with NO knowledge on how to grow these plants but thanks to youtube and have lots of ideas. Here is what I have in my tent now trying to germinate and "if" anything pops out the soil, deciding what to keep and flower. Here is my situation
The Good.....
(1) 5 Gal Fabric Pot - (2) All American Seed Company Trainwreck auto fem seeds (Planted direct in soil with myco) Thursday 11/25 morning - dropped one in pot and couldn't find it so threw another in
(1) 5 Gal Fabric Pot - (1) Greybeard Blue Dream auto fem seeds (Planted direct in soil with myco) Thursday 11/25 morning
(1) 1 Gal Fabric Pot - (1) Monster Bruce Banner auto fem seed (Planted direct in soil with myco) Friday 11/26 morning
(1) 1 Gal Fabric Pot - (1) Greybeard Northern Lights auto fem seed (Planted direct in soil with myco ) Friday 11/26 morning
The Bad......
(1) 3 Gal Fabric Pot - (2) All American Seed Company Trainwreck auto fem seeds Tuesday 11/23 night (Started in cup of water for 24 hours, floated to bottom but no tap root. Impatient Jeff threw them in the paper towel sprinkled myco and ziplock. Come Thursday still no sign of tap root so impatient Jeff watched videos and while stoned thought it would be a good idea to put seeds in paper towel on a plate over heat register. Paper towel and seeds bone dry Friday morning but no tap root yet so I figured I would try and see if I could salvage any. Planted the two seeds in a 3 gal fabric pot and hoping for the best
In the same (3) Gal Fabric Pot are (2) Greybeard Blue Dream auto fem seeds that have the same journey as the two trainwreck seeds in the story above. So a total of 4 seeds in the 3 gal pot.

I know everyone will ask questions on set up, heat, moisture, etc. In this thread I am asking for tips on deciding which ones to grow from beginning to harvest to drying to curing. I am growing in a 2x4 x5 Vivosun Tent and was hoping to harvest three plants after the new year for my personal use. This is just for fun and to get me through the winter and grow some inventory. So here is the question.....
Let's say 6 of the 9 seeds germinate and begin to grow through the soil , how long do I grow them and when do I decide which 3 to flower and what do you do with the plants you decide not to harvest. I am watching videos and everyone is growing so many seedlings, wondering they decide which ones to move forward with and what to do with the others, assuming they are all females.

Thank you!!!!!!!!


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Jul 20, 2020
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On a mail train
Good questions jc....

if 6 of 9 seeds germinate and they are autoflowers , if I am not mistaken , you just plant them and leave the lights on like 18 hours on and 6 hours off and those auto flowers do their own thing , they will just begin to flower automatically...there is no vegg period if I am not mistaken...

what do I do with the plants I decide not to harvest?.....I give them to my chickens

it is always a challenge to grow new tall will they get?...what is the potency like?....are they heavy or light eaters?....etc etc etc

so try and do some research on the strandivars that you are growing and go from there...

good luck and here’s to a happy harvest

Brother Cartman and a few other members here have a lot of experience growing autoflowers so maybe they will chime in and offer some advice or opinions...

I do know the regular photoperiod trainwreck and blue dream can be some monster plants outdoors , 8-14’ feet tall....

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