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Aug 7, 2011
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I hope that there is someone there that can help me with a big problem I've got.
Before year 2006 together with a friend of mine we were growing legal marijuana in Poland. My friend has organised some kind of "liquid", it had no name, I dont know if he bought it or some one made it for him but it made the main cannabinoids "delta 9 thc" dissapear out of the plant, all the other cannabinoids were still in the plant exept for the "delta 9 thc".
In year 2006 in polish law "delta 9 thc" was the definition of marijuana so if they busted us and tested these plants they would have been legal.
Unfortunetly they have changed the law in the begining of 2007 and they filled the paragraphs with all the other cannabinoids.
They changed and filled the definition of marijuana plant because in 2006 they busted a big marijuana plantation (1500 plants) big plants witch contained NO "delta 9 thc"," the police had to drop charges".
The people growing those plants were adding this "liquid" to the water (with fertilizer) just incase they got busted.
Now myself I'm facing charges of growing marijuana plants in 2005-2006 and I have no contact with a friend that was organising that "liquid" but if I would know what that was than I could proove my innocents in front of the polish cuort.
If there is anyone there that could help me out by telling me what kind of "liquid" it was, or where my friend was getting it from I'll be saved.
Maybe some chemist made that for him, maybe he was getting it from the shop?
If I dont solve this mistery by the end of this year I'm surely gonna get convicted, if I solve it I'm gonna be very thankful to any one that could help me.


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Jan 14, 2011
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I use a thing called Delta Nueve ( Delta 9 ) from a brand CannaBioGen. Google it.

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