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Whats up everyone. Well in this months issue of High Times i found something very interesting. A new product called Diatomite.

Diatomite is a sedmentary rock primarly composed of the fossilized remains of unicellular freshwater plants known as diatoms. Over millennia the diatoms have been compressedto create one of the most efective growing mediums available. Diatomite consists of approximately 90% silicon dioxide, perfect for strenghtening plants to support heavy buds. The remaining 10% are various elemental mirerals essential for vigirous plant growth. Diatomite is very porous and can hold up to 150% of it's weight in liquid, resulting in less waterings and providing more access to oxygen for roots. The multifacited rock varies in size, leaving pockets that allow air to penetrate and circulate in the root zone.
Organic growers can utilize these rocks by pouring them into the bottoms of their buckets and then using a layer on top of the soil as well. Roots will absorb silica as they reach down and algae is provented from gaining a foothold on the top of your soil mix. This practice will also inhibit insects from finding a home in your soil, as they cant live in the presence of diatomaceous earth.
Applications for hydroponic growers are endless. Diatomite has the ability to replace or work with any other hydroponic medium. The reusability factor makesdisposal issues much less of a concern as well. Diatomite works for all stages of growth.
Just thought some of you might be interested in this new product.


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Mar 29, 2006
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I think they sell that under the name "hygromyte", I was looking at it to replace hydroton.

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