Do bugs attack marijuana?


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Dec 2, 2006
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wen i plant my weed and it starts to grow will i have to worry about bugs and **** eating and destroying it ? also do animals attack it ( like a fox)? and i want to use like special soil like miracle grow soil or sumtin along those lines but i am worryed that it would probably kill the weed or would it ? i mean if i got the special NON weed detering type also i am planting in an old wut used to be stream, ditch like so its pretty wet but i am putting soil on top of it but basically it would be considered a swamp/swamp area will the weed still be able to grow there without any problem like an over view of all that i just said should i change my growing location? (but i am not sure if that is much of an option)

sry if this message pissed some ppl off but i was in a hurry and i was hoping to get the answers to all this in one single attept sry i know noob move :S but i will search this stuff now again sry

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Nov 19, 2006
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Try the search button. You will find most of your answers there. Do a little research first than ask questions that you are not sure about.


ohyea bugs difently attack i treid mines outside spiders or spider mites eat right threw it the 4 th week never again gotta worry about animals rain look it up and ask around for help

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