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Do you have any pets? O:


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Nov 27, 2012
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Thanks for opening a year-old thread to shill us for pet express. Almost every one of your posts is a shill, complete with a link - like this one has.

You people are so tiresome.... Either sell your **** straight up, or eff off back to where you came from.

Now, excuse me - I have to go to some pet forums to try and sell weed products.

Lawrenc Smith

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Nov 22, 2018
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The cutest pet thread ever. So, dog owners, I have a question on tick/fleas preventative methods you are using? I'm getting my first lab pet this Christmas a wonder how often should I give him preventative meds? I found some good info on Pet Express, but your life-based experience is highly appreciated.
Considering the true topic of this site I encourage everyone to be very careful to not let your pet eat your marijuana. We recently had to take my girlfriend's dog to the Emergency Vet and they had brochures and many questions as to whether the dog could have possibly eaten or come into contact with marijuana, including contact highs.
Also, talk with your Vet about medications for puppies. The dose is very different, and I also believe very young dogs should not be around older dogs until they are about 3 months old. Again, consult your Vet.
I get flea/tick and heartworm medicine through 800 pet meds. I am on their email list and they routinely send 30% discount coupons. I found them to be less expensive than local stores or buying at the Vet.
This is a photo of my nine-year-old buddy Goo, a Labradoodle. 86 lbs.


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