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Sep 6, 2006
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I am disabled from a bad car wreck and suffer from chronic pain, I finally found a doctor who is willing to treat the chonic pain with some serious meds. HOWEVER, the doc said the DEA required a drug screening for pain med patients, when he left the room I assumed he was going for piss bottle and I was a dead man, however he came back with a nurse to witness me sign a contract agreeing to not see any other doctors, I even have to deal with only one pharmacy to get my meds.He DID NOT piss test me, I am supposed to see him again in 90 days, they said to call the office for my 2 refills in the meantime till my next office visit.I am not sure if he forgot to test me and is going to ask for some pee when I call in for my refill, or if he is giving me 90 days to get clean, or if he just isn't going to test me, the chronic is about the only thing that helps me to sleep and makes me eat right. I really hate to stop, but I have a problem, if I was to flush my system, then nothing would turn up and they would probably think I am selling my meds.What are my options??Thanks All

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