Easy Hash Cookies


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Oct 22, 2005
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You can't get any easier than my simple quick hash cookies.....

Get yourself some Betty Crocker cookie mix (this brand is chosen due to the amount of oil added...we want a HIGH oil content)

For a single package (3 dozen cookies) I personally use 5 grams of hash (which in my case is always moroccan since i have a ready supply....but this also works well with kif and bubblehash)

Cut your hash into powder....as small as you can get it....and premix this into your DRY batter.....after mixing it into the batter you can then add your egg and vegetable oil (or butter or margarine)

Now the key ingredient to help absorb the hash into your body I add lecthitin...about 13 capsules per cookie mix (this is the most time consumming of the directions....snipping the capsules and emptying them directly into the mix)

Cook your cookies at 250 degrees....yes this is lower than recommened on the cookie batter...but we don't want to burn out our THC ....I have also found the lower temp makes for better softer cookies


*Quick note....i made a fresh batch just two days ago....and i used 4.5 grams of G13 bubblehash (crushed down to a powder) and i think i used too much ;) my friends said they felt like they were hovering three feet above their beds when they laid down for the night...they weren't complaining though...they quite enjoyed it :)

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