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External Carbon Filter trash bin made


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Nov 18, 2018
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Hello to all, here is my first post here (sorry in advance for misspeling, I am not native English speaker)
Reading this forum for couple month gives me a lot of usefull information, great community.

I am making first indor into small cabinet with Northern Lign strain and on 5th week of vegetation is smells a lot, so, here is my trash bin filter, attached to the roof of cabin (since inside not so much space) with kitchen oven exhaust fan - it is silent and powerfull.
I spent 5,5 lbs of granulated carbon to put between two thin agrofibre sheets wrapped around wire net 'tube', than wrapped open spaces ot the top and glue-gun'ed. after installing there is no smell in house at all.
Learning how to ScrOG with FIM/LST now, wish me a luck)

IMG_20181222_182455.jpg IMG_20181222_182424.jpg IMG_20181222_182406.jpg IMG_20181222_185728.jpg IMG_20181213_171735.jpg
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