Finishing flowering faster



Ok I'm looking to improve my flowering times by using temperatures. I know that colder temperatures will hasten the process but out of the two options which one will be better.

Option 1.

Temperature during lights on 75*-80*
Temperature during lights off 60*-65*

Option 2.

Temperature during lights on 70*-75*
Temperature during lights off 65*-70*

I know only slight variations but i beleive that option one will help since it will fool the plant into thinking winter is closer to being here... any thoughts?

Any other tips to push the plant in development faster... nutes etc.. Thanks


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Apr 19, 2005
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My personal opinion, based on a few years experience. Temps and or nutrients have little effect on the time involved for plants to "Mature". Maturation is the key, maturation takes time.
Temperatures outside of the "optimal" window, (70 to 85*F), slows or impedes growth, and/or inhibits proper uptake of the needed nutrients, but has little to no effect on the actual maturation of the plants. Slowing growth may actually slow the maturing process.

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