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first grow, everything is peachy


Jan 7, 2012
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whats up guys. first grow here,as of now i have three potted plants i started from seed just to see how it goes before i started my money strain ill be selling to the local collective. i have just started my money strain yesterday in cubes which is great white shark, super producer and awesome smoke.i have three strains that are a few weeks old that are in pots now a ch9 jack 33, a royal queen quick one, and one kandy kush x skunk. everything is going great. did my research and figured out what to do and how to set it up. using advanced nutrients micro, grow, bloom just started the first dose a few days ago at 1/4 the dose it calls for just to see how they would take it and i see no side effects so ill bump it up to 1/3 this next week. also going to add just a little b52 cause ive heard good things about it and only a few more things when the time comes, big bud and bud candy, followed of course by a flush. they are in a 4x4x6 ft mylar tent and temp is 80 f. like i said im still new but i think its off to a great start and ill be posting pics as the grow goes, i tried now but the pics are too big for the site to upload. money money moneyyyyyy..oh yeah and no more paying for this amazing flower.


Organic dirt farmer
Jan 2, 2010
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Welcome Tiki, green mojo for your grow.

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