First planting and hydroponic at 25-35


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Oct 26, 2006
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Hey Peeps! Ten days have gone by already!

Note the difference in plant 2 below
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(first pic is plant 2 at 25 days and 2nd pic is plant 2 at 35 days)

102606 Day 31

I am seeing significant growth on plant two with what I would consider to be pistils in the nodes but perhaps it is too young to sex. Plant one is not advancing in growth but has more leaves producing.

I have been putting in frozen reusable ice packs to cool down the water and I think that is doing well. The water has stayed clear since I put the plastic wrap on the tank.

102706 Day 32

Came home to find plant 2 has turned into the Hulk! I swear he has doubled in size in just 3 days. Plant 1 is looking so sad. I checked the water and added some dyna gro. pH is 6.2 and ppm is 281.

103006 Day 35

Time to change the water and a new picture. pH 5.2 and PPM 161

I'd love anyones take on it.


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Jan 6, 2006
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I did as ya asked. I editted the post so the "journal" part is here..and the "sick" part is in the other section. ;)

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