First Time With A Sativa Dom


Nov 15, 2009
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Greetings. I have two Sativa dominant plants that are growing great indoors. My question is when to "harvest", I have Googled this topic and searched here. (I know the trichome process, have loupe) what I would like to know is what's the deal on the pistils...does it just continue to flower, will they give an indication of maturity? I have tons of pistil sites, and I'm kind of at a loss what I should be doing. About 5 weeks veg, about 10 in flower.
I would "assume" that you would just use what are buds and discard the other pistil sites. Also I am aware that this plant takes more time.
*Not sure what strain they are, not able to take pic*

PS - A friend and I made a roadtrip to Colorado in Sept. if anyone cares.

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