Fish Oil/EFA's and mary jane


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Feb 18, 2006
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Does anyone here take essential fatty acid supplements? have you noticed any affect on your highs?
I dont get high like I used to... I suspect it was the flax oil combo I was on, semed like it just made me not get the relaxed enhancement of pleasure I used to get; in fact, when I smoke I feel very stiumulated but not in a good way.
I switched from the flax combo recently and have been trying a high EPA (low DHA, low ALA) fish oil and its better--I take just one hit (Im not an everyday smoker, and in the past Ive usually only taken 2-4 hits on an evening anyway) and I feel more relaxed and can enjoy music like I used to, but it still doesnt last like it used to. That overstimulation--not really panicky, not anxiety, but I cant mentally stay with music or a movie or a thought enough to enjoy/pursuit it--happens after 15 or 30 minutes.
It could be that it will take awhile for the flax to decrease in my system, or it could be that the fish oil is having a similar effect.
Anyway, just wondered if you guys had any thoughts.
Here's to happy tripping...

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