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Food An Water Ph Level???????

Jul 10, 2006
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What Kind Of Stuff Do I Need To Fill A 55 Gal Resvior Im Makin A Ebb System Got Res Got A Sum Pump Vermic.and Perli.for A Med.maken A Control Unit Might Just Order One Need To Now Some Kinds Of Stuff To Mix For A Solution. I Dont Want2kill Em Oh An Got 2 Setsof2x4ft Flurs Daylight40watt 3050 Lumes On My Four Plants Put Them In The Atic For Humid Temp. Gonna Start Seedlings In The Ebb System Im Startin Ill Post Some Pics When I Get The Camera Charged...main Right Now Im In Need Of A Solution Mix Just Confused A Bit About What It Is

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