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*The Sinsemilla Sheik*
Mar 6, 2006
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That is a good idea, however I see 2 issues. 1) Never going to be able to fit that bottle next to my plants. 2) I built my containers to be able to drain well, all that H2O would just run through them not be retained for days at a time or however long I would be gone...


Time Waster
Jun 6, 2006
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the whole problem is a bit of a nightmare. If you're going for a couple of days those spike things would be ok, any longer and there's not enough water, especially if your plants are quite big. I looked into it all before going away on holiday this year, In the end I moved them all around the garden to take advantage of the sprinkler system we have, even then when I returned 2 plants were looking pretty sad.

the best system IMO is to buy a battery operated water timer and connect it to a hosepipe in the back garden, then connect a length of tubing that has however many irrigation stations (plants) you need, these are like a pin on a clip that allow the water to leave the hosepipe (its standard irrigation stuff you can get at the garden centre). Run the hosepipe without the timer installed to measure how long you need the timer to stay on for to get the amount of water you need.Set the timer and secure the hosepipe in place and you're done.

I also found something called RainBird irrigation supplement which is supposed to water your plants autonomously for up to 90 days, looked a bit strange to me but if you want to check it out its here.

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