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Oct 22, 2005
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08 Sep 2006

by Amanda Lewis,
Re: 'Pot crusader punished for who he is' ( Letter, Sept. 2 )

I had to pull the stitches from my side from laughing so hard when I read this letter. Chris Buors, president of the Manitoba Marijuana Party, has officially compared Chris Goodwin, owner of the Up In Smoke Cafe, to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.!

I must question his logic.

Goodwin is the same person who spoke openly of his support for his baby's mother smoking marijuana while pregnant. He even went as far as to claim it was good for her and the baby. He also stated on television that he had smoked this drug while in a position as caregiver to his child.

Goodwin confessed to allowing people to smoke in his cafe without a medical licence signed by a doctor.

As a person who supports medicinal use of marijuana, I must say that Goodwin and many of his supporters took this law that legalizes pot for the sick and dying and turned it into a pot-smoking recreation centre right in the middle of downtown Hamilton.

No law-abiding citizen with any sense of dignity would want to continue to advocate the use of a drug that, whether natural or not, has contributed to the ill health of our communities both physically and psychologically.

Goodwin, Buors and any other person who supports legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes in such a public way are selfish and ignorant of the effects these "natural" drugs have on individuals and our society.

These people should spend a lot of time in jail where they can come off the drug and think rationally.

Maybe with clear heads, they can rethink whether they should be using their efforts to legalize marijuana or try supporting a more worthy cause like cancer or multiple sclerosis.

The only comparison I will make is between Goodwin and all the other drug pushers in our community.

Amanda Lewis,



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Apr 19, 2005
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hmmm...I wonder how she feels about a "glacoma prevention" program??.:p

W ï l l

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Aug 21, 2006
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Spending time in jail makes for rational thought?

With Canadians like that...who needs Bush supporters here in the states?


who here doesn't?

"or try supporting a more worthy cause like cancer or multiple sclerosis."

I don't really support cancer, but I am against that monster multiple sclerosis!

so I'm all confused at what that letter writer was trying to say.

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