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Jan 6, 2006
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I have been using the term "breeding" loosely. Resaon for this is to not confuse readers.
Breeding=trait isolation backcrossing/cubing and lots of years of work.
Crossing=taking a male f1 and pollenating with a female f1 or f2 or whatever.

So I apologize for causing any confusion.


ya breeding is kinda hard to explain aint it - no need fer an apology. i been workin with 1 strain a looong time, so im breeding it. but if i take 2 hybrids and cross them 3 times then add another hybrid each time, by picking the best pheno's of each generation and then recrossing. keeping notes each time - then is this not breeding too. only diff i see is that im breeding a strain the first instence and breeding hybrids fer a strain in the other. then i get idiots that say after 20 years that i have not got a new strain but a hybrid of an original. i say mine is b/b taste but nothing like d.j. shorts b/b and a different species with several strains in the make up. how do they say juicy fruit is a different strain then if its got b/b in it?

can of ownage

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Aug 23, 2006
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no problems mutt its all good and fine.... idk the way i see it is easy...breeding is knowingly doing something for a pupose with a long term effort being put into it... breeding is **NOT** just getting a couple of plants and leaving them in a room to "do their thing" (if u use this line in ANY of your work then its not breeding) breeding is all very controlled and precise. its a process not a one time thing...if u use the word "do their thing" then a breeder will know its just to get diverse genes into the pool and not for selling. hope it explains it a lil better and i understand u mutt no apoligizes needed.:D

Breeding= putting effort and time to get something desireable to the grower for whatever purpose through the use of controlled variables and selection....

Lazy= thinking weed is a weed and will take care of itself so u can smoke the thing 3 months later.

Astra the way i see it... u dont have a new strain until uve successfully met your goal for that plant... if u havent met it then its a hybrid.. if u have and its stable then u have a new strain simple and easy.. doesnt mater what any1 else thinks buddy... just as long as YOU know better.

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