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gettin out the dirt


May 18, 2006
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Hey stoneybud,I was just reading one of your post where you mentioned being heavy into design and I would like to ask you for your advice. I'm entering the last month of my first grow and for my next I'd like to switch to hydro instead of the promix n pots im using now. Hydro seems to be alot more practical for my situation. Here's a link to my journal for some pics.

What Im workin with.
Hydrohut Mini Messuring 39inches wide 39inches deep and 6 and half feet tall.
I have a 400watt HPS in there. as well as a spare 400hps.


Jul 6, 2006
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I would like to see an answer to this one myself as I am going to be transfering some unsexed plants from pots to hydro (a multi-flow ebb and flow system)..

Someone on MP said that I should let the soil in the pots dry out a bit before transfering the plants.. that way it will be easier to break the soil away from the roots.. in my case the roots have wrapped around the wood and other bits in the soil.. these are impossible to get out without harming the roots.. so I'm wondering if the Multi-Flow hydro system (the one with the blue buckets) has a filter in the pump that can be removed and cleaned after it gets clogged because it probably will.. any suggestions? will this work?

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