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Getting In Touch With Nature


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May 26, 2005
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One way to increase yield outdoors is to get "in touch" with Mother Nature.
There are many ways to do this. One way is very simple--just sit down outside and shut up.
Don't more around and don't make noise.
After a few minutes, creatures that were frightened by your presence will begin to resume what they were doing.
I did that earlier to-day, and saw the first 2 lizards of this year out and about.
One was just a common brown lizard sitting on a log, doing that weird "push-up" things lizards do, and a few minutes later a horned lizard (sometimes called a Horny Toad) went ambling by.
A while later 5 deer passed by cautiously. They could smell me but since I remained still they couldn't see me (deer only notice things when the objects are moving).
I like to observe things when I'm high. Like yesterday I caught a daddy longlegs spider--that had set up shop in my bathroom--in a coffee can and took it outside and put it on a tree stump.
Then I just watched it explore around the tree stump and finally it headed off across the dirt towards the fence looking for a new home.

Speaking of spiders...
Once me and 2 friends decieded to camp out in the desert in the spring. We arrived at a clearing in The Mojave Desert in the afternoon, setup camp and explored around some ancient Indian caves nearby.
At dusk we built a campfire and were sitting on logs when I noticed a tarantula crawling across my boot.
I jumped up and noticed another taratula walking by right in front of me.
All 3 of us were standing up by now, shining our flashlights around and there were dozens and dozens of tarantula's in the clearing, all headed in the same direction.
And if we were in their way, they'd crawl over us.
The didn't seem interested in biting, but none of us wanted tarantula's crawling all over us ala Raiders Of The Lost Ark, so instead of sleeping out under the star-spangled skies like we had planned, we slept in my van. We didn't see any in the morning and we left soon thereafter.
When I got back I did some reading up on tarantula's at the library (this was before the internet) and found out that at least once a year all the tarantulas in a given area will all migrate--sometimes from miles away-- to "meet", congregate in a central location for a good old-fashioned spider orgy.
They party hardy for a few days then return to where they started from, their "home turf", the females to build nests and the males-- I don't know, maybe to watch the game and take a nap.
They're not the least bit agressive on these migrations, they've only got 1 thing on their minds, hot spider love.
If you plan to go camping/hiking in the desert, I'd suggest checking with the nearest U.S. Forest Service Ranger station and ask when tarantula mating time is and don't plan your trip during that time (unless your into that sort of thing ya pervert ya).


i know what you mean. i have a dozen acres of thick, untouched forrest. so many neighborhoods are being built in my city, which was 95% forrest only 10 years ago, the animals no longer have place to live and since my patch of woods is the biggest around they all come here. ive seen tons of deer and snakes... owls, hawks.. even wild turkey, and theres nothing i love more than smoking up and enjoying the nature.


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Jan 6, 2006
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You guys are making me want to play hookie from work and go camping this weekend.

I may just do that now. hmmm????? I might just do that.. Thanks guys for giving me the itch. Gonna make plans. Props to both of ya.


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Mar 11, 2006
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Camping? As in "outdoors"? Where would I plug in my blow dryer and espresso machine? Hmmm. Isn't the "itch" what you get from sleeping on the ground, covered by mosquitos? lol enjoy boys!

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