Gleaning medicine at .00075 Tore (deep vacuum)

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    Jun 12, 2016
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    Good morning from Oregon!

    I save every tiny bit of cleanup solvent and gunk then eventually get enough to attempt squuezing the last tiny bits of the target compound out of it. The temperatures needed on the first pass are very high and the first pass pukes out a lot of bumping (contamination). However multiple passes are as easy as transfering the bulb contents with a torch to a new boiling flask. When the collected bulb and the new flask are jointed for the transfer then no extract crosses a greased vacuum joint. The purity is such that even experience dabbers will without a doubt be caught off guard as I am at time with the potency involved with multiple distillation pass extract. At pass three through the rig the cannabinoid is a very pale yellow and reminds me of jelly in appearance.

    It vapes thusly nearly without taste but there is a taste that is more like a sweet aftertaste than a real identifiable flavor but it is closer to a fruity smell and taste than to any other description for me. The thing that most differentiates a third pass from the others is the lasting effects - a little goes a VERY long way but can take a few minutes before it really sets in. For me this means it is easy to over medicate which is unpleasant. Tiny short hits are best for me vs. full lung inflation.

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