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Greatings from Nor-Cal


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Jun 1, 2012
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Just found this forum, and wanted to say howdy to all of you. I've been growing for a couple of years, but I always learn something new with each grow. These forums are a lifesaver, without which I doubt if I could have done as well as I have,. I grow both indoors, and outdoors with multiple strains and techniques.

When I first started out, I had no clue. Book in one hand, trowel in the other.
I've made just about every mistake that can be made. I do believe, after reading many posts, that some try and complicate the heck out of a fairly straightforward task. I'll try and list a few of the more important things I have learned.

1) most of the stuff you see at your freindly neighborhood hydro store is way overpriced and is not even needed for a successful grow. Remember, they are selling to you, not to your plants. $100.00 + dollors for a gal of fertilizer? Get real. You can have a very satisfactory grow with off the shelf wal-mart or home depot ferts.

2) Keep it simple. For indoor grows don't start right out going hydro or scrog. I highly recomend that first couple of grows should be in soil. This is the real learning stage. After a few successful grows under your belt then is the time to think hydro, scrog, vertical grow, or whatever you want. Learn the basics befor jumping into the more advanced stuff.

3) You cant beat good genetics. Your end product will only be as good as the genetics that it came from.

4) don't try and grow a dozen different strains at once. Choose one or two and stick with them for a few cycles. Youre space is limited, use it wisely. My first grow was with white widow and Pure Power Plant, both from Nirvana. I chose feminized seeds as I didn't want to mess with having to sex them.

5)Learn the basics of feeding, and watering. I swear, that in reading these forums, most of the problems that people report are from two simple mistakes. Overfeeding, and overwatering. Learn to 'read' the plant. They will tell you what they need and when they need it..

6) there are many different ways to do what needs done. What works well for some may not work well with you. Cloning comes to mind in this regard. I am sure I must have read dozens of different ways to perform what is basically a simple task. Try them all if you want, eventually you will figure out the best way for you.

CLEANLINESS in your grow room is not just good growing practice. It's VITAL to the health of your crop. Debris, spilled water, dirt tracked in from outside. All are an invitation to disaster. Bugs and fungus and mold love to hitch hike into your grow room on dirty clothes and shoes. Pets near your plants are a big no-no.

Sorry I really didn't mean to meander on like this. That Kush is making me ramble I guess.

Just wanted to say HI.....


Welcome to the site Randm,

Your gonna love it here. Everyone is for the most part mellow and chill. I love what you posted about your learning, Ahhhh, simplicity at it's best. Please do take a few moments to peruse the site rules, you will find them few and easy to abide with. Look forward to hearing more from you, and again welcome my friend.

smoke in peace

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Mar 25, 2009
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I think you'll find many a stoned ramble here-a lot from me!



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Feb 20, 2012
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Yual doin well warm fires yual found here pilgrem. Glad yual found the glow through the thick ;)



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Dec 27, 2008
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Welcome. You will love it hear. Lots of good folks.

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