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Nov 10, 2021
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Cape Girardeau, Mo.
So after not growing so much as an Aloe for the last 20 years, I've decided to build a grow box again. It's great that my state offers medical use now. To that, I can add a cultivator's license for another $100. Sweet! beats these $1000 per ounce prices the dispensaries are getting away with!!!!

I saw a video on YouTube, where one guy converts an Ikea armoire into a stealth closet. Something along the lines I had designed back in the late '90s. While I did like this YouTuber, it seemed to me he was plugging his own Arduino-based automation company to control lights and such. I give him kudos for finding a niche product to sell, but what he's offering won't do all the automation I would like to see. Not only do I wish to control lights, fans, and humidity, but I also what to monitor ph, dissolved solids, and perhaps if I can swing it, Co2 as well. I started to google controllers, but they all seemed to be for greenhouses and cost thousands of dollars. What do they offer for us micro grows?

While there is a forum specifically for lighting. I do have some related questions. I'm potentially looking at the Mars Hydro TS-1000. This, according to Coco would be ideal for a 2'x2' chamber. I plan on doing a scrog set up with a bubbler. The design I had been working on many years ago, could have worked with a 150w HPS, although a 250w would have given a greater intensity for more dense buds and the ability for using light to get down into the canopy (larger tight buds). For this reason, I'm also considering the TSW-2000. Has anyone used this, and with what results? How large of a ventilation fan do you use to keep it cool? I have no experience with LEDs. I used HPS's that you could fry an egg on! (pair of 1000w for my grow room!)

Well, while I sort all that out, my main reason again for posting here is to find a good control and monitoring controller. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

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