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Grow boxes kinda looking empty...


Something clever...
Dec 11, 2016
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Gold Country California
I harvested my little scrawny outdoor auto grow with a hopeful yield of a couple joints, and it now looks like the harlequin I thought were boys are starting to get a little hairy so I’m hopeful of that. Gave a shot of some bloom nutes this morning. So i have some seeds that I’ve ordered and some seeds that were extra samples and I’m gonna pop about as many as I think I may have room for now that I have a slightly larger space.
Here’s what I’m tryin....
Amnesia CBD Auto
Another Harlequin
Blue Dream CBD
Auto Cheese
Mango Cream Auto
Of these the only ones I purchased are the top two, the rest were extras from the various seed banks. I’m starting these now and hopefully my grow boxes will be getting cleared out about the time Rose & umbra seed project is finishing up... no pics yet as the seeds are just a soakin right now.

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