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Ha Ha! State Marshal charged with Dealing marijuana


Jul 25, 2008
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John Nickerson, Staff Writer

Updated 09:59 a.m., Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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NORWALK -- A state marshal pulled over for running a red light was arrested Tuesday afternoon on felony drug possession charges after police found more than a quarter-pound of marijuana and packaging materials in his car, police said.
Alan Freedman, 58, of 2 Chelene Road, Norwalk, was charged with possession of more than four ounces of marijuana, possession of marijuana with intent to sell, illegal distribution of marijuana and possession of marijuana with intent to sell within 1,500 feet of a school. Freedman was released after posting $10,000 bond.
Patrol Sgt. David O'Connor said that Freedman, a Fairfield County state marshal and sworn peace officer, was pulled over for running a red light on Connecticut Avenue near the Post Road Diner.
Despite Freedman presenting his marshal's badge to the officer who pulled him over, as a routine check, Sgt. Frank Reda was called to the scene with his dog to check Freedman's vehicle.
Police dog Czar "hit" on the car's trunk, indicating that some sort of drugs may be present, O'Connor said.
A search of the vehicle turned up two bags of marijuana as well as a small plastic container also containing marijuana, digital weighing scales, nine pipes with marijuana residue on them and an assortment of empty plastic baggies and a bag of marijuana seeds, O'Connor said.
The marijuana weighed 138 grams, or 4.8 ounces, O'Connor said.
A call to Freedman's Wall Street office was not immediately returned this morning.
Freedman is one of 41 state marshals working in Fairfield County, according to the State Marshal Commission's list published on their website.
State marshals are hired by citizens, attorneys, the state, businesses or others to serve notice of civil court proceedings and enforce collection of judgements.
State marshals are not state employees and are governed by the State Marshall Commission.
State Marshal Commission Administrative Manager Doug Rinaldi said he was aware of the arrest and is looking into the matter to determine what will be done with Freedman.
"Nothing happens within hours," he said, promising to call back with more information about whether Freedman will have his badge taken away.

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Nov 25, 2011
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Lmao where was that? All the cities it mentioned are only 40min away.

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