Harpin Proteins


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Aug 15, 2013
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Has anyone use this in their garden? I got some foliar samples of "Axiom by rx green solutions". 1 packet (.5 grams) is good for 250 sq ft. From what I read it creates an immune response in the plant by triggering the systems that detect and respond to foreign attack. I plan on doing some side by side tests with these OG clones I have. From their website.

AXIOM Harpin Proteins are a Plant Health Promoter and Plant Growth Stimulator that activates a plant’s growth and defense genes resulting in improved plant growth, increased yield and quality, and greater shelf-life. Axiom is the next generation Harpin Proteins originally found in Messenger® manufactured by Eden Bioscience. Harpin Proteins are produced in nature by certain bacterial plant pathogens and plants develop receptors on their seeds, roots, and foliage to detect the presence of Harpin Proteins which triggers an “early warning system” leading to increased plant yields and health. Axiom has extensive research and has multi-year University and field tested results on a variety of different crops.