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harvesting - drying - curing


May 30, 2011
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how bout when trichs are 1/2 amber - hang plants upside down for a week then smoke?
I know you could get really complex with drying - pre-curing - curing - jars, burping - testing this - testing that - storing for months - etc.,

Lemon Jack

Above the clouds
Aug 25, 2011
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Well half amber was a late harvest kinda most like to chop before then.

As for drying curing I think its kinda too each his own. I trim all my plant when i chop them then hang them in my drying box around 5-7 days later (depending on how dry they feel) I jar them and burp once or twice a day for a couple weeks.

After dry it can be smoked but will be much better after a cure.


yes, the fast way like you suggested will work...trim it up good too.

The finer points of the cure really bring out the great tastes, smells and stronger buzz, a few more weeks to months can really make a world of difference! Take what you need to smoke immediately and jar it separate fro what you can leave to cure awhile, cure by burping daily as needed!


Jul 25, 2008
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I go 10%-90% clear-milky. just my $.02 :cool2:



Dr MadBud
Mar 27, 2011
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You can dry it and smoke it if you want, but if yer going to do that yer just as well to buy smoke. The difference between cheap smoke and really nice smoke is often a matter someone taking the time to cure it properly versus someone not curing it at all or very little. I know this for a fact because on my last harvest we dried some and cured it about a week before smoking it, and my partner said, "oh man this Blueberry Punch just isn't that good a smoke. I think we need to go to something else."

Then a few weeks later his buddy brought over some smoke and my partner said, "man this is good smoke here, we need to be growing this!" his buddy looked at funny and said, "this IS the stuff you've been growing. I have had it curing for the last month since you gave it to me." It made the stuff that we had only dried and half cured for a week seem like yard weeds.

You don't have to get real particular with curing it. Just dry it decent for a week or two until it only lightly moist to the touch then put it in jars for 3 weeks and open the jars once in the morning and again at night for the first week, then open them and wave the jar around one time (once a day) for the next two weeks. At the end of the three week cure, you will appreciate that you did it, as the smoke will be 3x better than just drying and smoking.

I suggest that you don't hang the whole plant at one time when you cut them. I actually cut one branch at a time and trim it up then hang that branch (or lay it on a storm window screen that I use for drying). Then cut and trim the next branch, and so on until I have clipped the whole plant. My last harvest took 3 guys 5 hours to cut and trim one harvest bunch and hang them to dry. :) A labor of love ;)


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May 18, 2011
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Hushpuppy said:
My last harvest took 3 guys 5 hours to cut and trim one harvest bunch and hang them to dry. :) A labor of love ;)
haha, yup. Stoked to be finished! First plant down took 6 of us 5 hrs. Each of the others took around 19 hours total each. My tendinitis was not very happy with me.

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