Has anyone missed me?


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Nov 18, 2015
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IMHO Considering I never went to a dispensary but looked and ordered from one and some one picked it up .I find the pre rolled are not as tasty and I think they use bud grown for just that .Premium bud is always better because you see it untouched.Kinda my same thoughts as a marinated steak is not my first choice as oposed to a great looking steak . We had so much to talk about ,but like hydra said "You left us ,just when we needed you most !!"
I will say this along the lines of what boo said one thing I'm excited about is it reminds me in society of these guys that think they can go to a gun store grab a pistol have it on them and it makes them a marksman use the same analogy for these folks that have Capital have no f****** skill set not really I mean we're growing a cultivar that if you did a decent enough vigorous version of it you can grow the f****** thing in a ditch, a lot of us that are old schoolers that were popping beans in 2002 98 92 those errors even before that we know what the plants capable of and we also know what and this is the quote they use in this legal market now high-end craft cannabis is basically what we would call popcorn buds in our homegrown I don't want to have to go through the state to let them get up all of my s*** to sell someone high-end buds from my growth so basically all it's going to do is make people that want really really good flowers go black market and find somebody they can rely on because the majority of it's going to be just what you described