has anyone used this before?


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Aug 8, 2006
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hi i was told by my local grow shop that in the 1st week of flowering if you spray your plants with nitrozine with wet agent it will grow really fast and get greener leaves. i was told to spray it only once tho when the light is off. has anyone tried any of this??

also i want to try top max flowering food. anyone tried this at all? my termpertaure is always 85 f and they are very good crop this time around even with the heat being high. i have been in the pre flowering stage for 2 days now and was wondering how often i should water them and feed them etc. also do i give them full days of dryness where i don't water at all?

p.s i got my heat down to 84 now and i am told that is acceptable for the strain so i am happy now but thanks for helping before.

any advice would be great thanks


how big are your containers? and what is nitrozine? you give them to much nitrogen and you will kill them. or is it a growth hormone? should feed fer 3 days and then water fer 4; ph'ed. w/w are indica. size of container = how much. you want them wet but not soaked. if they dry out the water will not penetrate and could kill them. if in doubt stick yer finger into the soil. also get used to picking up the pot fer weight judgement - it will not bite ya.

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