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Oct 26, 2006
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I am a first time grower and have a hydroponic caddy. Getting free seeds from friends and after finally getting the caddy's temp, lighting, ventilation, etc to a reasonable level, I have two seedlings. They are on day 28.

I'd like to put up the pics of them but my pics are too big and I guess I need a program to resize them. I tried MS Paint but doesn't resize the entire picture.

Plant #1 is the older of the two by a week, and started out growing very long at first, then I reanchored it in the rockwool cubes and at first it was doing really well, now it's droopy and the leaves look dry even though it has roots in the water underneath.

Plant #2 has shot off like a rocket and is showing good signs of being a productive plant.

Both seedlings have had the exact treatment, except that the first plant I reanchored it.

hmm... guess the bowl has kicked in... I can't remember what I was going to ask now! When I figure out how to get my pictures up on here, I'll share my journal and pictures.

I love seeing other peoples pics and reading their storys. Carry on!

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