Hello everyone when should i flip to bloom!


Apr 7, 2006
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East Coast
As we all know, yield depends on a myriad of things - soil, sun, water, genetics, etc. All that taken into consideration, I have noticed some average yields from different container sizes when given good conditions.

1 gallon container = half ounce yield
2 gallon container = 1 ounce yield
5 gallon container = 2.5 ounce yield
7 gallon container = 4 ounce yield
10 gallon container = 5-6 ounce yield
20 gallon container = 10+ ounce yield
100 gallon container = 50 ounce yield

OBVIOUSLY These aren't guaranteed yields. Just an average of what you can expect from different container sizes under good conditions. You can yield less or more depending on your experience level and genetics of your plants. Obviously, the 7 gallon and under containers would be best suited for indoor and 10+ are more geared for outdoor growing
Idk..... 1 gallon probably could squeeze by 2oz if indoor.... I've gotten 6-10 ozs out of 5-6 gallon buckets outdoors 1 year buried in the ground some ended up 6-8 foot come harvest the whole pot was roots and was ok had water access after that I went into the ground..... Then roots can go as far as they can push threw what was broken up etc but a half pound off 1 gallon pot..... she's got some plant mojo that I don't :( ...... But I'm going to germanate a seed throw it in gallon pot and I might get a 10 foot 16oz+ plant 😂 yea in fantasy land The possibilities are endless.... So I actually got 1 plant I never pulled out the 6 or 7 gallon pot buried it and we will see if I get over 4 ozs in couple months I think your close to it but we will see


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