Hello to all my fellow Cannabis brothers and sisters!


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Jul 25, 2014
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Hello all, I'll start out by saying I look forward to gaining knowledge from you all and helping with the knowledge I've gain over several years of growing both indoors and outdoors and the countless hrs I've spend researching, studying everything from growing, strains for medicinal qualitys,and canna business. I'm disabled with spine problems and nerve damage that causes extreme pain from my lower back through my hips,legs,and feet. And also struggle with PTSD. So I'm a MMJ card holder and since I can't hold a regular job I hope after they figure out the laws more definite of what you can do hope to start some sort of business with cannabis.
A little about me I'm a stay at home dad to a wild pack of kids lol that thank god for because if I didn't have them I probably would be in a wheelchair by now. With kids you just can't lay around you have to get up no matter how much pain your in. When I'm feeling good I enjoying everything outdoors hunting,fishing, camping and lite hiking use to do a lot of backpacking and luckily did a lot of my dream hikes before I got injured. Also love gardening and play several computer games and Xbox games. A Warcraft addict even though taken a break this summer after burning myself out this last winter and spring. But anyways I hope this makes sénce it's late a little buzzed and rambling lol but like I said earlier looking forward to meeting some new friends and hanging and talking about something I've loved since I was 16 and read my first high times and dreamed about it being legal and so fortunate for that dream coming true for me.
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Jan 2, 2010
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Welcome, and we are glad to have you here.


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Aug 15, 2014
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Welcome to Marijuana Passion Bro! This forums got lots of great info and friendly, knowledgeable members. Enjoy!

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