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Hello and Welcome. All kind of growers here from new to been growing most of their adult life. Feel free to look around. Lots of great threads. I love the grow journals. I have learned a lot in just under a year.
That's because your a stoner and forget you were high 10 hrs ago.😁
When i was living in dc, there is this brand, pullupdeliveries, they had to give me customer of the month every damn month. If smoking and getting high could be record, I would be the world best! Still waiting for the person that will strip me off my post🤣🤣
you on point bro. wch edibles do you like? i prefer baked cookies and trolli all star...you heard bout that efore?
I make my own and bake cookies banana bread or brownies using an infused coconut oil
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lol. you calling out a challenge😁😁. bro, you sure you ready for this?
you goin down!!!!!

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