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help me pick 2 for scrog


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May 28, 2009
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i have following available to choose from. i want to try my hand at my first ever scrog. id like to ask MP community to help me decide which 2 i should try. quick run down of my set up.

3x3 tent
400w CMH
5gal fabric pots
screen diy pvc. 2' x 2.5'
FFoF cut w/ perlite with FF 3piece nutes. grow big, big bloom, tiger bloom. also use gravity and snow storm ultra. cal/mag +.

canidates: All from attitude via banner!!!

Dinafem : White Widow(1), Moby [D]ick#2(1), California Blue Hash(1)
Big Buddha : Chiesel(5)
Sativa Seeds : Black Berry(5)
Green House : Super Lemon Haze(1)

i wanted to try Chiesel cuz the description on attitude sounds awesome. but being a noobie im not sure that strain will do well in scrog.


Dr MadBud
Mar 27, 2011
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I have never done ScrOG myself but I would think a plant that has strong Sativa pheno would be a better candidate. The Indica Doms tend to grow straight up and some resist topping. The more Sativa doms tend to be more branchy and will bush out quickly(at least in my experience). The key is to encourage the plant and its branches to grow horizontally by continually tucking the branches beneath the screen until about 3/4 of the screen is full.

I would think the White widow would be ideal for that activity as I have White Russians and their branches are much more spindly than the indica branches of my Blueberry punch. I think the super Lemon Haze would also be a good candidate as I believe it is Sativa dominant.

Green mojo for the ScrOG. Take some pics for us :) :)

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