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Jun 28, 2014
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Hello Guy's,

Please be kind, I'm new at this Forum thing and to growing, although I grew alot back in the 80's. My wife has been have back issues for sometime now and we have been pot smokers for most of our lifes. The kids are grown and gone, and I needed a hobby. So I decided to get a MM card and start growing. My light of choice was an LED which I found online and paid alot of money for. I got it from Advanced LED. It was the top of the line light. All of the reviews were nothing but outstanding. So I went for it. It came I set up in a 4 x 6 closet. Seeds germinated it 24 hours. Planted them two weeks later and the dam thing grew like weeds! I am 7 weeks from germination and they are about 4 feet tall. I forgot to say I SCROG them at about 5 weeks. They are now about 1 foot above the screen right now. Now to my issue, The LED Light has 2 clusters that are burnt out. I did not notice this until about a week ago when I turn back my light from 24-7 to 12-12. I contacted the manuf. and they said to send them back the light and they would repair and and return it in about 10 days. I already have about $1600 invested and I am not really into spending any more money. I bought a cheap 2ft T5 and I figured I would use that for the ten days and send the other out for repair. But now I'm thinking I should just wait for the end of the grow and send it out. I mean the crop is doing fantastic. I don't know what to do. Does anyone have a little advice for me?

Thanks for your help!


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Mar 31, 2014
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See if you can send back just the modules that are not working, then you can keep using the light, plus shipping would be cheaper than sending the whole light back. I think that was the purpose of the modules, easier for user to repair.

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