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Sep 18, 2006
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Hey everyone, I was looking all around the net for some user friendly feedback on such topics as mary jane, and come to find out, most people are haters...but this group seems to be very friendly, I look forward to networking with a bunch of you crazy kids! :D

Anyway, me and my buddy just decided to get into the hobby of growing, since we both enjoy smoking, and havn't been able to find anything near where we are (we just moved out of Cali :confused: ). We germinated the seed correctly it seems, and just put it in a 6" pot last night, hopefully it starts out strong and dank! I was curious about a few things, and was wondering if anyone could help me out?

1. The temperature around this area seems to be stable, for the most part, usually around highs of 75F-78F and lows of 50F-65F, but then again it is the beginning of fall. Do you think we started too late? As of now, it's indoors in a closet, but we will probably have to relocate it to an outside area, we designed and built this pretty sweet greenhouse type of thing, about 2 1/2' x 2 1/2' x 4' high, that sticks about a foot underground so nothing bothers it, made out of duct tape, wood, staples, and clear foggy plastic, trust me, it's awesome, but we havn't put it into practice yet, do you think it would suffice?
2. If we planted it yesterday, whats a likely date to expect the harvest? I think we calculated around Christmas time, but not really sure. Looking for a height of about 3 1/2'-4 1/2'...any ideas?
3. Does anyone want to smoke with us, located near the Little Rock, Arkansas area, probably willing to make a drive out of state for someone really cool, we're both social people (especially when mary jane is involved ((lol))? Rhetorical question, but the more friends, the better right?

Alright, thanks a lot guys for all the useful information, happy cultivating!


i wanna be cool too!
Oct 22, 2005
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welcome to the forum.....you might wanna post up a grow journal

and as far as meeting anyone...well...good luck with that ;)

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