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How do I get started?



I have been wanting to get into hydroponics for some time now. I know that education is the key but I am curious how others here started out. And have been frequenting this hXXp://" site looking for products since they are located close to me. For my first setup, I was wanting to use a standard size closet space ( about 8x3x8 ) that I am not using. Crops to be grown may be considered "medicinal" in nature. I am wanting to use LED lights as well, but other than that I am not sure where to start. Does anyone have a recommended list of supplies to get started or a link to share to get me on track with all this?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Organic dirt farmer
Jan 2, 2010
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Hi and welcome, i am a dirt farmer so would be of no help but someome will be along shortly to help ya out. Read read and read some more helps a lot. If you go to growing resources at the top of this page, i bet you could get started.
Good luck and green mojo.

Lemon Jack

Above the clouds
Aug 25, 2011
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Well an easy route is DWC
Your container (a tote or a 5 gallon bucket work great)
Net pots
A medium (hydroton, rockwool. . . .)
An air pump

Install the net pots in the top of your container put the airstone in the bottom so it can constantly aerate the water. The water should look like its boiling.

Some other things you will need are a ph meter and cal solotion, something to adjust your ph some MJ nutes.. . .

I think that cover a good deal of it sure I left somethin out Ill update it if i remeber blazin now :)
Aug 22, 2006
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What is your budget? We cannot advise you without knowing that. A 24 sq ft space is going to take some bucks to set up...

I agree with Lemon on the DWC and I would recommend building your own. It is quite easy to put together DWC buckets. If you are running hydro, you will need a pH meter and something to test EC and calibration fluids for both.

I would really really really recommend against LEDS. They are just not there yet, they are horribly expensive, and they do not produce much bud. IMO, their only attribute is low heat and what good is that if they do not produce bud. Do not be led astray by the claims and hype of those manufacturing LEDs. They DO NOT take the place of a 400W or a 600W HPS. For a space the size you are talking, I would recommend 2 600W HPS. You are also going to need some "real" ventilation. Check out 6 or 8" centrifuge fans like Vortex, Can, Eclipse, etc.

I would also like to encourage you to price shop--check out different places for supplies. I have found that there can be huge price differences in cost between the same products. There is a hydro store in a town about 65 miles away from me, but it is almost always cheaper for me to order stuff online than it is to buy from them. Some of these local hydro shops have quite inflated prices.

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